Well trained dogs make great wingmen

Have you ever realized that well trained dogs can make great wingmen than a human? Yes, you heard that right. If you come to think of it, dogs are far better and cuter than a friend or any human being.  After all, dogs can do more tricks than anyone else, even you.

If you want proofs, here are some of the reasons why well trained dogs make great wingmen.

Dogs are cute and can catch attention. Haven’t you notice that girls are most likely to notice your dog first than you? Just like cute little babies, dogs are girl’s magnet. So the next time you’d go out for a walk or a jog, make sure to bring a cute dog with you. You are most probably be able to meet other girls who love dogs as well.

They can’t talk. For sure, dogs are all about gestures and cuteness. Thus, they can’t say anything to ruin your reputation in front of a girl. You don’t even have to give them briefing and teaching them what to say and end up getting screwed. No making of unnecessary comments or third wheeling issues.

They can be trusted. Dogs will never snatch your girl away from you. Not what other wingmen does. So, you can trust them that they are just there to keep the girl entertained and happy. But at the end of the day, she’s yours and only be yours.

They bring positive impression. Having a dog will make you look better, more caring and loving. If you can show that much affection to a dog, what more to a human being right? You will leave a good impression to the people around you. And that’s a big plus to girls.

They’re aren’t expensive. Yes, that’s right. You don’t have to spend some big amount of money to treat someone for a drink or a meal. For a dog, a sumptuous dog food is enough. No more drinking nights and all out on the house drinks.

It’s true, having a dog a wingmen is far better than a human being. Without too much effort, you are able to attract girls to come to you. Without spending too much amount of money, you are most likely to meet the girl of your dreams. Dogs are man’s best friend anyway.

Before you can even make your dog, your aid for a perfect divine matchmaking, make sure that you train them well on how to behave well around with people, especially with girls. You can teach them simple tricks that will make them even cuter and lovable. You might want to buy them or make them some cute clothing just to add more attractions.

With all these, you also have to remember that finding your “the one” is still up to you. Your dog is there to help you to catch the girl’s attention, but you still need to do your part. Be the best man you can ever be, treat the girl with respect so you’d carry with you that dream man aura.


How I improved my dog training business

As a dog trainer, I simply love how people take care of their pets.  The fact that they take the time and make the investment to have a professional trainer like myself train them is simply heartwarming to me.  Call me a romantic but I just love it.

We love our pets so much and we are willing to go up and beyond for them.  In return, we get their fidelity and love.  So, let them all responsible pet owners come to me for me to train them!  An educated dog is a well-rounded dog, after all.

Was I getting customers?  Yes, at least I was able to bring food home.  Was I getting enough customers?  No, not really.  As a matter of fact, it turned out that I was not tapping into most of the market.  So, aided my super Business Coach Vancouver, I first made a study plan and executed it.

My Plan

So, the first step was to go and get in touch with the environment of my particular business niche.  I had to actually figure out what were the chances of me growing my business.  I saw it like fishing.  You actually throw your rod into a portion of water because you know there are fish there.  If you learned that there are no fishes there or not enough to feed your family you would move on into another portion of the lake or another lake.

I needed to do this study in order for me to figure out if there were “fish in the pond”.  Since I was on a budget, my coach suggested me to start with digital marketing.  I put together this very short poll in order to learn how people felt about pet training.

Once I had the results of this, it was easier for me to start marketing in a more targeted way.

My Strategy

I started a Facebook page; not an easy thing for me to do at the time.   After that, I moved on to social media, email.  Remember that poll I mentioned?  I asked for an email there and started created a list of contacts.

It is amazing what social media and electronic services can do for you.  It took a little while, but one of the things my coach mentioned was not to expect results overnight.  I patiently waited and got better results than what I expected.  I don´t want to bore you with numbers but my dog training business sky rocketed!

My Coach

I can´t be more grateful to my amazing coach.  The amount of expertise and strategies she brought in to the table was simply amazing.  If you own a business and want to lift it up, I strongly recommend you getting a business coach. I know at the beginning it seems like spending money you don´t have but trust me, these guys come with a guarantee.

Whatever investment you made, you will definitively get a great return on investment.

How to make an instagram page for your show dog

Let´s talk about two things that we like here.  We love dogs and we love Instagram.  What is there not to love!  You can hang pictures of your best friend on your favorite social network.  You can also integrate those to fit on Facebook too.

Instagram helps satiate our need of getting visual stimulation.  Sinc it was founded six years ago, Instagram has changed the way we share photos and videos.  Now you can showcase yourself, your pet, your family, etc.  So, why not set up a page for your show dog?

We are sure many people will be delighted at the sight of such lovely pupper.

What your Dog Deserves

Your show dog is a star.  And we all know where stars belong.  So Instagram is a great way to show the world what they have been missing out on.  You just need to be constant on you posting. Make photos stunning and video short and interesting.

People want to see professional-looking photos so blurry or poorly cropped ones are a big no no.  Make sure you only place photos that make you smile and feel good.  Others will too.

Step by Step Process

Step 1.  Pick a nice name for the account.  Make it humorous, creative, and maybe even incorporate an alliteration (“HappyTheHops”).  In case your name is already taken, use a dash or underscore.

Step 2. Include a bio with important information about your pet.  Include age, location, breed, talents, etc.)

Step 3. Be consistent with your posting.  Decide on what is going to be the frequency of your posts and stick to that.  It could be twice a day or once a day.  Just make sure you establish a pattern so that followers can now when to expect a post from you.

Step 4. Interact with other like-minded Instagrammers.  Go ahead and follow your friends and family.  They will probably follow back.  Once you’re done there, go ahead and follow accounts that have the same characteristic as yours.  But not only follow but interact with them by liking and commenting on their posts.

Step 5.  Use Instagram features, they are there for a reason.  But don´t abuse it.  Check out which is the best filter or effect.  Take advantage of hashtags and use those that are relevant and will help you reach a bigger audience.  Check out if there is any unofficial dog contest like #WeeklyFluff.

Step 6.  Be creative.  Showcase your dog´s abilities as much as you can.  Take advantage of his cuteness to snap those photos that will make people go “awww!”

You could even make money!

Once you have achieved Instagram stardom and you have a good number of followers, you can monetize your efforts.  This is when you reach out for brands that would be interested in partnering with you for advertising.

Animals offer huge opportunities for advertising so make a good research on what brands are willing to take pets to promote their products.

You could also get some marketing support from professionals that know their business.  They can help you develop a more solid strategy to monetize your new business.

Creating a Dog Friendly Backyard

If you love dogs and you own one yourself, you definitely know the importance of your backyard to its overall wellness. Dogs love backyards. It’s where they can play, run and bark all they can. That’s the very same reason why we need to make sure that our backyard is dog friendly.

Although some dogs spend more time inside your home, you still need a good backyard where you can let him exercise. Some dog breeds are required to move, stretch, run, walk and exercise to make sure they’d stay healthy. So what’s the perfect place for that but your own backyard?

A Dog Friendly Backyard

Some people would make the best landscaping Vancouver for their backyards. But you, it’s time to check out if you actually have a dog friendly backyard. A place where you beloved dog can dwell safely.

Dogs love to move a lot. They run, they roll, and they bump. For that reason, you need to clear the area from any possible risk such as broken glass and all other pointed objects. You also need to consider gravity. Clear out anything that might fall and will hurt your dog. In short, the entire area should be safe.

Dogs dig and jumps. Thus, if you have fence, make sure that it’s something that can hold your pet properly. A little gap they see and they’re out. You main concern is to stop your dog from sneaking out. You should know how many dogs are getting lost every day. And you don’t want that to happen, isn’t it?

Dogs are very prone to ticks and parasites. With that, make sure that the entire area is clean and insect-free. Mosquitoes and ticks are just around the corner. So they’re off limits in the backyard. Trimming the grass regularly and making sure no stagnant water are some of the ways to do it.

Dogs love to play. Thus, you can be creative to give him a perfect playground. Put up a pond, or create plant mazes or platforms where they can play all they want. You might also need to build a doghouse where he can rest and relax after a few hours of playing.

Dogs poop and pee. Well, in this case, training them makes everything a whole lot easier. Also, you might put up a potty area that is intended for it. You should know, dogs are intelligent enough to know where to do it when the nature calls as long as you train them first-hand.

For Dog’s Sake

Many dog lovers would agree. Making sure that you have a more conducive and a safe backyard for your dog is every owner’s responsibility. Dogs deserve love and care. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility. It is not just about feeding them. But it is more of caring them, loving them and making sure that they live, play and eat in a safe environment.

It’s time to go out there and check whether your backyard is actually dog-friendly. If not, then it’s time to do something about it.

Training Dogs to Help Seniors Around the House

Are you aware that dogs can help your elderly maintain happiness at home? Together with home care, dogs has been known to provide peace of mind and a sense of companionship for seniors.

There is just one consideration that you have to keep in mind and that is, the dog must be trained. If the dog is untrained, there is the tendency that it will do more harm to your elderly than good. It would be hard to control and it will eventually lead to seniors suffering injuries.

This is particularly true if you’re having a bigger breed. Huge dogs are hard to control because they are definitely stronger. They have more energy and your older parents may have a hard time keeping up. That’s why before you introduce dogs to your seniors, make sure that it’s trained.

Ways a Dog Can Help Seniors Around the House

Assuming that the dog is trained, it can serve as a good companion to your loved ones. There are breeds like the Labrador Retriever that is really popular among people with special needs including seniors because of its relatively friendly trait.

Yes, the loving loyalty of a pet can provide seniors with happiness at home. Dogs are creatures who want to love and be loved, which is fitting because we humans are also like that.

Pets can provide some purpose in life especially when one is retired, having mobility and or health issues. These disabilities may prohibit one from visiting other relatives for socialization as freely as they desire and dogs can fill the need.

But are you aware that dogs can help seniors with a certain task too? Yes, service dogs have been proven to help people with disabilities, such as visual and or hearing impairments, mental illnesses, diabetes or seizure disorders. But they are now being considered to help seniors. Here are ways in which dogs can help seniors:

  • Turn on the light switch
  • Pick up things that have been dropped
  • Listen to sound alerts
  • Remind to take medications on schedule
  • Get medications
  • Bring phone to the owner
  • Respond to a smoke and other alarms
  • Wake up the owner
  • Serve as guard
  • Help in pulling wheelchair
  • Help to provide direction
  • Assist to a safe walking path

Under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), service pets are allowed to accompany their owners in public areas. They are often times given a vest, badge or tags just to identify them as trained service pets. Although this is not necessarily a requirement, these identifying tags often help people be at ease around these dogs. You have to remember that there are people who are uneasy around pets and they need proof that these animals can’t harm them.

Do you have seniors at home? How do you keep them happy? Have you tried giving them a pet dog? What was their reaction? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

How to make sure you have clean carpets if you are a dog owner

It seems like carpets and dogs do not get along pretty well, especially if you have a particular stinky breed.  Or, if you have a dog that goes outdoor pretty often, they will definitively bring dirt back in.  But particles of dust, mite, or any other agent are hard to detect with the naked eye.  Therefore, you must be able to identify when your carpet is clean.

Basically, you need to make sure that your entire house is clean.  However, carpets have this ability to trap all types of filth.  If you are a dog owner, your chances of having a filthy carpet increase.  These are some tips for you to keep your carpet clean if you are a dog owner.

Deal with dog hair

Dog hair is one of the most important issues dog owners have to deal with.  To reduce the amount of dog hair on your carpet and other surfaces, train your dog to stay in one spot.  Place an old towel or a sheet and take this out periodically and shake it before tossing it into the washing machine.

More frequent vacuuming is a must.  If dog hair accumulates in your carpet, it becomes more difficult to remove.  Lint removers can work wonders on small carpets and even furniture.

Also, it is very important that you brush your dog periodically.  This will allow you to manually remove dead hairs hanging on your pet´s body.

Keep those paws clean

Before taking out your dog for a walk, have a towel and a tray with room-temperature water by the door.  When you return, have your dog step on it to remove dirt from his paws.  Dry them out and let your dog go into the house.  This is especially useful during rainy days when the soil is sticky and nasty.

Remove stains rapidly

If your dog had an accident on your carpet, remove it immediately.  Dog urine can stain and damage a carpet in little time, let alone the odor it leaves behind. If there is any solid residue, use a dull knife to remove it.  Use a cloth to absorb as much moisture as possible. Next, apply a solution of water and clear dishwasher.  Rinse it with another towel.  Do not pour water on it as you will have a terribly hard time removing all that water off your carpet.

If the smell or stain does not come off, it is time to call the professionals.  We recommend Yorkville Carpet Care for this.  They have a great service and they will definitively leave you with a smile on your face.

Eliminate odors with baking soda

Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet and let it rest for an hour.   Then, vacuum it off.  The baking soda is a great agent when it comes to getting rid of unwanted odors.

Always keep a cleaning kit with you in case emergencies happen. Remember that carpets need constant maintenance and care.

How to get rid of fleas on dogs

One of the greatest fears of dog owners, especially during the summer is fleas.  Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can deal with these pesky insects.

How can you tell that your dog has fleas?

Dog fleas are very small insect and not easy to detect in your dog.  If you were to look closely, you could be able to see them jump from one dog to the other.  One of the first indications of a flea infestation is the constant scratching.  This is not enough evidence, however, as there are many other reasons for this behavior.  Check your dog’s fur.  You will notice how once you open through the fur, they run away from you.  You should be able to identify them from their brown coloration.

An easy trick to confirm the presence of ticks is to use a moist paper towel and rub it on your dog´s skin.  If the paper has some brown spots, that is flea feces.

How to get rid of fleas

Use the following homemade remedies against fleas:

  • Boost your dog´s shampoo by adding half a cup of lemon juice with 2 cups of water.  Increase the quantities proportionately depending on the size of your pet.  Use it to bathe your dog every week.
  • Buy a flea comb.  They are pretty effective and actually the best way to get rid of fleas.  Make sure you remove eggs and larvae as well.  Before combing your dog with a fine comb, make sure his hair is not tangled to avoid him pain.
  • Wash and dry his bedding. A good detergent will easily get rid of fleas.  Heat is a good agent that will eliminate egg and larvae easily. For best results, use an electric dryer with maximum heat.
  • Apple cider vinegar is good at repelling fleas.  Add one teaspoon of fermented vinegar to 1/4 cup of water and allow the dog to drink this throughout the day.  This will keep your dog’s skin acidic which will help repel fleas and ticks.  It is not recommended to apply apple cider vinegar on your dog’s skin directly though since it might irritate flaking skin.  Ask your veterinarian if you have doubts.
  • To prevent the proliferation of fleas in your home, you can use Borax.  Apply it on areas that are not exposed to sunlight and those with a high level of humidity.  The boric acid powder acid will suffocate the fleas and larvae. After several days,  just vacuum away the debris and Borax.  Make sure your dog does not lick away the Borax as some dogs do not tolerate it.
  • Making a flea collar is actually pretty easy.  All you need to do is add two drops of lavender oil or other tree oil into the dog´s collar or a handkerchief and wrap it around your dog´s neck.
  • It is always a good idea to get professional help whenever the infestation gets too hard to handle.  Hire the best pest removal service to effectively get rid of fleas and eggs.



Taking nice photos of your show dog

You already have a beautiful show dog. When taking his picture, it is up to you to make honor to such beauty.  If you have tried taking pictures of your show dog before, you will notice that it is not as easy as it seems.  First, even though our dog is a beauty, she is probably not the poser type.  She is probably only interested in eating, sleeping, and being pretty, you know, like all dogs.

The following are a few practical tips to get nice photos of your show dog.  Just keep in mind that you want to bring out her best features.

Use a good camera

If you are planning on using your cell phone’s camera, well we are not the ones to talk you out of it, but this will depend on what you need these photos for.  Obviously, if you just want to load them to the ‘gram, then with some touches, you can have a nice picture for all your viewers to be in awe.  But if you want to deal with light, background, line softness, hue, and all those things we nearly know nothing about, a good lens camera is best.

Train your dog

Start with being playful with your dog.  Remember that pets can get startled at the sight of unfamiliar objects.  So, train your dog into getting familiar with the camera.

The treat game

This is always a good game for you and your dog!  This is the most common method into training pups, after all.  Offer your dog positive reinforcement for doing what you ask them.

Play with your pup for a while

If you want to have a smiley pup, then make him smile.  This is usually done when you play with your dog.  Remember that dogs are people-driven and love to be around you.  This is why it is important to spend time and play with your dog.  A happy dog is a smiling dog.  Yes, you will also get a tired dog that you can cool down after exercise.  Next thing you get is a smiley dog.  Go ahead and take the shot!

Get those candid photos

What is your dog doing while you are not watching?  It is always a nice view to spy on your dog.  They usually come into the most amusing situations when nobody is watching.  If you are using a lens camera, it will probably be easier to take candid photos of your pet while he is being himself.  Take as many pictures as you can;  you can select your favorite later (yes, we know you will love them all, but make an effort).

Cut the flash

For pretty much any important pictures, do not use the flash.  Photography experts suggest out of using the flash to not affect the natural colors.  In the case of your show dog, this applies too, but also, they can get startled by the flash as well.  You will wind up having a runaway pup or one that is afraid of the camera.

Take pictures of your dog outside the house, inside, on the park, as many places as you can.  If you also need the best quality pictures for your home, we recommend YYC 3D for help.



Why Labradoodles Make Terrible Show Dogs

Crossing Poodles and Labrador Retrievers gave, as a result, this beautiful breed known as Labradoodle.  They are nice and smart dogs.  They are loving and caring for their owners.  These dogs were bred to be a hypoallergenic guide dog.  However, as the title of this post suggests, they are not really good show dogs.

What is a show dog?

A show dog is any dog that participates in a dog show. These dogs are usually heavily groomed and trained for their presentation.  These dogs are prepared, fed, dressed, and groomed according to several standards that guarantee them getting into the first places of the competition.

In order for a dog to fare well in such dog shows, they must be graceful, well-groomed, and well-fed.

What is a Labradoodle good for?

As pointed before, the Labradoodle was created to be a hypoallergenic dog.  However, they have also proved themselves to be great companions and therapy dogs.

These dogs are very friendly and will walk away with anyone.  This situation can make them really susceptible at trying to control it.

Training a Labradoodle

This is a very smart breed of dogs.  The Labradoodle is particularly obedient and is usually not that hard to train.  However, there are high chances that the dog will wind up not obeying commands because he is so smart that thinks he can do it himself.

The Labradoodle is not a breed

At least until an association decides to check out the Labradoodle, it will remain considered a crossbreed.  This, however, is not a call from men.

Due to this fact that the dog is a crossbreed, it is hard to predict what puppies will look like when born.  This makes their potential appearance and behavior a mystery.  This has become a major issue that prevents the Labradoodle from being considered a breed of his own.

Now, we are not really sure if these dog shows require for the dog to be a purebred.  But if they did, they would find that the Labradoodle has quite a variety of ancestors.


This dogs are a bit large but are not giant dogs.  Actually, they are medium-sized.  Nevertheless, they have been classified into three size groups:  Standard, Medium, and Miniature.  The color and looks of their coats vary among dogs.   The hair is hard to groom and will probably stand little chance of beating any competitors.

Labradoodles are the loveliest home pets.  They might not be guard dogs, but they are beautiful to have.  Make sure you play and have fun with them.  This is a very active pet that requires constant action.

If you do not own a Labradoodle yet, you should consider getting one, especially if it is your first pet.  Always adopt form certified adopting homes, such as casaDoodle.  Have fun with your new pet and companion.





Training Your Show Dog to Gait

Training Your Show Dog to Gait

To the untrained eye it doesn’t look that difficult to show your dog, it simply looks like all the dog does is run around in a circle and then standstill for the judges.  That is far from the reality, in fact it’s taken months or years of training, and a heck of a lot of work for your dog to be able to be shown and present the perfect picture of agility and obedience to the judges.

Training Your Show Dog to Gait

Dogs will gait naturally…sometimes.  Sometimes they want to pace or run instead.  The purpose of the gait is to present a picture to the judges, judges don’t want to have your dog run around pointlessly.  The judges want to see his movement from all angles.  It’s during the gait the judge can determine if the dog has a good front, reach and drive.  Is your dog covering the ground correctly and with no wasted motion, this also demonstrates that your dog has sound structure.  If your dog has to look at the handler or is skittish and not maintaining a straight line the judge will not be able to see how well he moves or how balanced your dog is.

Your dog needs to be trained to gait properly with the correct speed and to be able to change his speeds from fast to slow effortlessly.  It will need to be taught how to break into a trot properly as well.  You start all of this by first teaching your dog how to heel, that means walking on your left side with his head parallel to your knees.  Then speed up your pace until the can break into an easy trot without turning his head toward you for guidance, then shouldn’t need to look anywhere but straight ahead.  You will need to reward your dog accordingly when he moves and trots the way you want him to.  For the more visual, here is a video showing you just how to teach your dog to gait.

A good handler knows that it is not just the dog that needs to learn to gait, the handler needs to walk well themselves.  Use a longer stride when you want your dog to speed up and when you want the dog to slow down use a slower stride.  Don’t make the mistake of going down to short strides or you will interrupt the dog’s stride.  Practice your own movements so you don’t interfere with the natural movement of your dog.